3 December 2017


Eroica Punta del Este is a cycling event inspired by the ethos of the famous Italian vintage bike ride L'EROICA. It is an event that seeks to recover the values and essence of epic cycling along one of the most famous destinations in South America, Punta del Este and other places surrounding. 2017 Opening Soon!


The program of Eroica Punta del Este is based around two days of celebrations and passion for the cyclism. Eroicos from all South America and all around the world will meet each other in Punta del Este in a unique occasion.



Thanks to the partnership with one of the most important destination management travel agencies, Eroica Punta del Este is able to offer you the best choice of hotels and services to make your stay during the event a fabulous one.


Letter from Giancarlo Brocci

Dear Eroicos,
South America is a heroic continent because of its nature and the history of its making, but also because of the soul of its people and the beat of their hearts that rules the relationship between man and nature.[...]


Driving all the passion from a city of spectacular energy, we will delve into white roads abounding with nature, passing through vineyards and olive groves, combining the cultural heritage of the new and old continents.
Definitely an event that returns the values of cycling in its origins, enjoying the journey, gastronomy and landscape. A tribute to the land and its people in a unique setting at Punta del Este and surrounding areas.
Next December this will be a reality: we look forward to welcoming all of you.


Eroica Punta del Este, a journey to an heroical continent

Carta de Giancarlo Brocci

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The photos featured below are a selection taken at Punta del Este routes and the Eroica events around the world. Enjoy!




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